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In what will likely the be the last FM-sourced Kathleen Edwards concert for the foreseeable future, I am completing the trilogy with Kathleen and band’s third trip to CBC Studios in Toronto in some 10-days, where they taped a short set and interview on Q with Jian Ghomeshi.

As the band’s setting to embark on an intercontinental tour, it’s exciting to get a sneak peek at how the songs are evolving from album to stage, and hear how the new band (sans Jim Bryson) is coming together.

The interview itself in an interesting listen as well; although it rarely hits upon untread grounds, the seasoned interviewer manages to sneak in a couple of hard-hitting questions and get some stark, frank answers. As with the previous CBC sessions, this is a must-have for Kathleen Edwards fans.

01. [dj chatter]
02. [dj introduction]
03. [interview]
04. Soft Place To Land
05. [interview]
06. Empty Threat
07. [dj outro]

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Soft Place To Land (Live In Toronto) [MP3 sample]

Again, super-sized thanks to the CBC and host Jian Ghomeshi, Kathleen Edwards, Hannah Georgas, Daniel Ledwell, Lyle Molzan, John Dinsmore and Gord Tough.

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