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Jenn Grant @ Winter Garden Theatre

Jenn Grant
Jenn Grant
(Mat Dunlap)

. : : November 24th, 2012 : : . 

Coming back to this blog after so many years has been really interesting.

As I sort through an archive of unreleased recordings, I’ve re-discovered shows that I’ve entirely forgotten I’d been to. Among them was Jenn Grant‘s show at the Winter Garden Theatre to promote The Beautiful Wild in 2012. In trying to recall details about the show (ie. where I sat specifically), I tried to pull up a digital receipt for my ticket purchase.

While I couldn’t find it, I did find a conversation I had where I lamented that tickets for the show had gone on sale on Groupon for a fraction of what I’d paid for them — and the discounted tickets were only a handful of rows behind my seat. But I wasn’t mad because I’d unnecessarily spent extra money; rather, I was planning to bail on the show altogether and sell my ticket and chances of finding a last minute buyer now where nil.

Danny Michel @ Winter Garden Theatre

. : : December 8th, 2012 : : .

How much you enjoy seeing shows at the Winter Garden Theatre seems to depend primarily on where you sit.

It seems it has only recently turned into a music venue, showcasing primarily Canadian talent too big for bars but too small for halls, or just desiring an atypically intimate performance. I’ve seen the likes of Steven Page, Amelia Curran, Jenn Grant, Whitehorse, and the topic of today’s post, Danny Michel, all perform there in recent months. I’ve missed a handful more, still.

But its sight lines are decent, chairs reasonably comfortable, and sound…well, that’s a mixed bag.

Steven Page @ Winter Garden Theatre

. : : April 13th, 2012 : : . The odds are fairly high, if you’re under the age of 50 and have spent any of the last twenty years in North America, you know The Barenaked Ladies. They’ve reached popular success due to their smart harmonies, trade off vocals, off-the-wall lyrics, and brillian pop licks. At the very least, you’ve heard them perform the theme song to the smash hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. As big as they are internationally, they were always bigger in Canada. They were virtually our answer to The Beatles. Everyone loved at least one of their songs,…

Whitehorse @ Winter Garden Theatre

. : : February 24th, 2012 : : . Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland are more than capable performers separately, so seeing the married couple share the stage (as I have three or four times now) is an absolute treat. Whitehorse is, largely, a re-imagining of the duo’s individual back catalog, performed as a full band with only two members. Wait, what?! That’s right, there’s only two members on stage, but they literally play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and various other instruments, often at the same time, and almost always while sharing vocal duty. Watching the band perform is an immense treat (at least on par…

Amelia Curran @ Winter Garden Theatre

. : : February 24th, 2012 : : . Last time I was at the Winter Garden Theatre, it was to see comedian Louis CK. Actually, I think that was the only time I’d ever been to the Winter Garden — in the past, I’d frequented its much closer-to-sea-level downstairs cousin, the Elgin Theatre, when it was the popular choice for musicals in the city. The Winter Garden theatre is stunningly decorated, but an unusual place to hold a concert. The support beams are decorated to look like tree stumps, and “leaves” hang from the ceilings. Painted vines crawl up the walls and doors. To look…