Hello? Is this thing on?

Hello, music fans!

I guess I’ve been away for a while. After a not-so-minor disagreement with my former web host, I tried calling their bluff with a cancellation threat. Before I had a chance (or smarts) to buy back my domain, it was gone and a domain squatter jumped on it and is now, somewhat astonishingly, hosting a fake dental surgery page on the site.

Don’t give them the clicks — just believe me when I say it’s absolutely surreal. HaterHigh Dentistry: for all your oral surgery needs!


Anyway, the site’s updates had been growing fewer and further between. My job was getting more intense, I had a son (who’s since turned SEVEN!), usual family/circle of life stuff…there was just a lot of things drawing my attention and the website became an afterthought. Until, that is, it was gone altogether.