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Royal Wood @ CBC Studio 211

Royal Wood
Royal Wood @ Studio 211

. : : March 2014 : : .

Royal Wood was one of my early Canadian Music Week discoveries. His powerful piano pop performances of songs Do You Recall and On Top of Your Love immediately made me a fan, and I ended up seeing him live 4-times in about 14-months spanning 2010-2011.

Alas! Other musical acts became a distraction, and he had slipped off my radar a bit when his follow up album, We Were Born To Glory, came out.

I did capture a couple of performances Royal did for CBC’s First Play Live program that aired shortly after the album’s release, but the station’s running interview tracks over top the first verses of the songs annoyed me to no end, and I didn’t give them the attention they deserve.

Junofest 2011 @ [Various Venues]

Around this time last year, I was mostly ambivalent about Canadian music. That’s not to say there weren’t Canadian bands I enjoyed, but it extended only so far. Most of my interest was focused on north-west bands, primarily Seattle and Portland-area bands on the great Barsuk Records. The much-blogged about NXNE showcase set last year introduced me to handfuls of great local Canadian talent, who has in turn by pursuing them, introduced me to even more. At last year’s Junos kick-off party, which I was lucky enough to win a guest list spot to (to see Kathleen Edwards perform a unique solo set), I was…

Royal Wood @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre

. : : November 26th, 2010 : : . The sound in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre was much improved for Royal Wood‘s headlining set, at least over the muddled murkiness that it was for opener Hannah Georgas. It was only one of the ways in which the two sets could be classified as vastly different. In my blog on Hannah Georgas, I described Hannah as spunky, energetic, with an underground pop/rock sound. Royal Wood, on the other hand, was classy, relaxed and baring a set that leaned heavily towards an easy listening / adult alternative vibe. I found Royal’s set to be a bit more challenging,…

NXNE @ Lee’s Palace

. : : June 17th, 2010 : : . Some people say it’s good luck to be pooped on by a bird. Kind of a ridiculous statement, isn’t it? And easily said by the person who wasn’t pooped on. I think of all the real estate in the neighborhood, standing in the exact location that bird decided to relieve itself is a massive stroke of bad luck. But maybe the idiom comes from some sort of karmic equation? Such bad luck must be balanced out by the universe with a similar chance stroke of enormous good luck, no? As I stood in…