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Nada Surf @ Horseshoe Tavern

Nada Surf
Nada Surf @ Horseshoe Tavern

. : : November 16th, 2015 : : .

I was afraid I was growing out of Nada Surf.

It was a weird feeling; their mid-career albums Let Go, The Weight Is A Gift, and (to a slightly lesser degree) Lucky were seminal albums for my twenties.

In fact, it was a chance, last minute decision to accompany my buddy to their show promoting Let Go that can be credited with my taping bug. I knew little more than the one hit wonder smash Popular from their debut album High/Low some seven-years earlier, but I was bored with nothing else to do, wanted some company and excitement, and invited myself along.

He had been taping shows he’d been going to for a while, but this was the first time I’d really paid attention to what he was doing and tried to help whenever I could. Without a dollar to my name I’d had to borrow $20 for the cover fee, and when all three bands performing that night (Sondre Lerche and The Long Winters opened) blew me away and I hadn’t any money left over to buy their albums, the recordings of the band’s sets received frequent, almost exclusive rotation in their stead.

Nada Surf @ Opera House

. : : April 4th, 2012 : : . OK, so I admit it: I may have used some dramatic license when writing my review of Nada Surf at Sonic Boom Records. When I said I had no intention of going to the Nada Surf concert at the Opera House after the record store show, I wasn’t lying… well, not exactly. I didn’t have any intention of going; that is, until about two days before the show when I was notified I’d won a pair of passes through an online contest. The only thing better than a free Nada Surf concert is two free Nada Surf concerts.…

Nada Surf @ Sonic Boom

. : : April 4th, 2012 : : . After traveling across borders, both provincial and international, to see Nada Surf perform almost a dozen times in some seven years, Nada Surf was coming to town and I wasn’t buying a ticket. Their latest release, The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy, didn’t strike a chord with me. As the band has aged, I’ve noticed a keen drop in infectious melodies and guitar hooks, which have given way to wordy turns of phrase over an increasing down-tempo sound track. I didn’t love their last album like I did the ones before it. High/Low is a great 90’s alternative…

Nada Surf @ Lee’s Palace

. : : March 29th, 2010 : : . Alright, let’s try something different. Remember that Nada Surf show at Lee’s Palace I uploaded way back when? Well, I also set up my little Creative Vado HD pocket video recorder on a tripod and got most of the set on video as well. Sound is pretty good, and picture is great. Although the video has trouble with bright and/or strobe lights and drops the framerate significantly during these brief flashes, it generally turned out really nicely. It took me almost ten full months to find a program that could actually understand the Vado’s codecs and convert it to…

Nada Surf @ Sonic Boom

. : : January 9th, 2008 : : . Three years less a week ago, January 9th, 2008 was an exciting night for me. Nada Surf was playing an exclusive and intimate one-night only, in-and-out early evening acoustic concert at Toronto’s premiere record store, Sonic Boom. The band was previewing songs from the yet-to-be released album, Lucky. Although the album would be leaked online a month before its release date shortly after, only lead single See These Bones had been heard by the general public to date. It felt special to be a Nada Surf fan and living in Toronto. Also, it was a great way to test…

Dawn Landes @ Lee’s Palace

      . : : March 29th, 2010 : : . As a taper, it’s customary for me to arrive at a venue fairly early. Not long after the doors open, I’m usually inside the venue finding a good spot that will afford me decent sight lines and ensuring superior sound (for both my ears and my microphones). I take the time to put on my mics, install fresh batteries, wipe the tape, set the levels, etc. I’ve usually settled in position while most patrons are still lingering at the bar or mulling over the merch stand. As I usually attend concerts…

Nada Surf @ Lee’s Palace

. : : March 29th, 2010 : : . Let me preface by saying that I have seen Nada Surf perform live about a dozen times. From tiny record store basements to shiny Apple Store show floors to expansive theatres and concert halls. If Nada Surf has played it, the odds are pretty good I’ve seen it. I’m a pretty devoted fan of the band, and have traveled far and wide to see them. The story of how and why I am such a big fan will be better served elsewhere, but for the purpose of this particular entry, I’m going to fast forward to March…