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Kathleen Edwards at Fixed Hinge Recording

Kathleen Edwards
Kathleen Edwards @ Fixed Hinge Recording

. : : August 25th, 2020 : : .

Kathleen Edward‘s Total Freedom album came as a bit of a surprise to me.

I mean, I knew she’d started live performances again but these shows seemed sporadic and without much fanfare; I thought them little more than a way for her to pay some favors, pad the pockets, and perhaps even provide a wee bit of ego bolstering.

When clips of her in the studio started showing up on Instagram, I must admit: it still didn’t feel real. It had been too long. She had been too adamant. But then the pre-order page went live.

Test pressings, autographed vinyls, CDs, t-shirts, Quitters Coffee, and all kinds of incentives littered the campaign. There was one in particular that caught my eye, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic…

A private, online concert for a fan and up to 24 friends.

Kathleen Edwards @ KCRW Studios

Kathleen Edwards
Kathleen Edwards @ KCRW

. : : March 24th, 2005 : : .

How are you all enjoying the all-Kathleen Edwards end of summer special?

Hopefully, you’re finding something new in all the something old. I have a few more up my sleeve, starting with this set Kathleen and band performed for LA radio station KCRW on their famed Morning Becomes Eclectic show back in 2005.

KCRW gave the band space for a generous 7-song set and interview and they took full advantage. The group played about half of Back To Me — an album that was only three weeks old at the time, but recently celebrated its 15th birthday — a note-worthy version of Somewhere Else where Kathleen and original writer Jim Bryson trade off vocals, and Unknown Legend, a great Neil Young cover!

Jim Bryson @ West End Cultural Centre

. : : March 5th, 2011 : : . The CBC recently aired a recording of the penultimate date on a tour that Jim Bryson, backed by The Weakerthans, took across Canada in support of his most recent album, Falcon Lake Incident. The (almost an) hour long set reaches its absolute pinnacle at its most poignant point: Jim Bryson dedicates Fire Watch to his ailing father, who sadly passed away only weeks after this concert was performed. The unbridled affection cuts through Bryson’s voice as he banters about his father before the dedication, adding a heavy weight to the performance. Almost the entire FLI album is represented…

NXNE @ Lee’s Palace

. : : June 9th, 2007 : : . Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays. As a special, one-time present to the fans of this blog which have helped make it so successful and fun in 2010, I’m going to do something extremely out of the ordinary. Something I will likely never do again. I’m going to post a recording that I didn’t make myself. This is a FM recording of the Bob Harris Saturday Program on the BBC. The show broadcast snippets of the classic night I attended an intimate North By North East (NXNE) festival showcase at Lee’s Palace in order to see headliners Blue Rodeo in a venue smaller…

Jim Bryson @ Horseshoe Tavern

. : : October 19th, 2010 : : . I mostly know Jim Bryson for his role in Kathleen Edwards‘ touring band. Sure, I saw Jim perform some of his songs on the night of the NXNE festival that first introduced me to Kathleen Edwards, but I was so enchanted by Kathleen that I was still processing the awesomeness and any memory of Jim’s set has since become a distant blur. Jim’s professional relationship with Kathleen kept him at the forefront of my “To Check Out (Soon Maybe Someday Possibly When I Get Around To It)” list, which I think we all have, but various…