NYCTAPER  A huge inspiration to this blog, NYCtaper tapes (well, duh) live concerts in and around New York City and posts high-quality FLAC and MP3 copies along with through and well-written reviews.

BRADLEYS ALMANAC  A taper and local DJ who offers up copies of his recordings in MP3 format with a diverse archive that goes back years. Features great contests, DJ sets, and Boston-area concert news and reviews.

TEENAGE DOGS IN TROUBLE A great resource of extremely varied curated recordings spanning decades and genres. Tapes are posted, usually in FLAC for lossless quality, with educational blog entries that provide great context and tremendous insight.

TRADER’S LITTLE HELPER  A must-have tool for tapers and tape-traders alike. Encode and decode FLAC files, create and verify FLAC FingerPrints (FFP) and md5 files, test FLACs for errors, and more more.

FLAC FRONTEND  A basic, easy to use GUI for the FLAC file format. Not as versatile as Trader’s Little Helper, but easy and quick to use.

EXACT AUDIO COPY  The best digital audio extractor on the market, EAC is the most trusted CD-ripper by audiophiles everywhere. For *best* results, involved tinkering may be required, but the basic set-up does a great job of getting you started.

CDWAVE  Splits larger audio files into user-defined chunks and can either save as individual tracks, or a CUE file for burning to CD. Supports multiple file formats, including WAV, FLAC and MP3.

GOLDWAVE  A fantastic, albeit basic audio editor that’s great for people who are new to audio editing or want to complete basic tasks quickly and hassle free.

ADOBE AUDITION  I’m used to Cool Edit Pro, the software that Adobe purchased and re-branded as Audition. I can vouch that CEP, and theoretically Audition, is a spectacular, full-fledged and feature-rich audio editor that’s great for advanced audio editing. It may not be as intuitive as Goldwave, but it’s significantly more powerful.

CORE SOUND Versatile and great for stealth recordings, these mics are surprisingly powerful and clear in spite of their diminutive size. Their entire product line is generally revered, but I can personally recommend the CSBs with switchable bass roll-off features as a great set of mics.

SOUND PROFESSIONALS I switched to Sound Professionals mics after my CSBs went caput, and got some fantastic sounding recordings out of the A publishing platform that works especially well for blogs,. Creating a unique and customized layout will be for advanced users only, but there’s a strong community of WordPress designers that offer up tweakable themes of varying quality. A few of these themes require a one-time licensing cost, but almost all of them are absolutely free!

Rotate This Not only a record store, but a great place to see a almost comprehensive listing of upcoming indie and mid-level concerts in the Greater Toronto Area. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also purchase tickets at their storefront location without flummoxingly outrageous “convenience” fees.