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Are you sick of Kathleen Edwards yet?

No? Nor am I, or the CBC it seems. Less than a week after coming by with the full band to perform a special invite-only concert for CBC’s Canada Live program, Kathleen and lead guitarist Gord Tough stopped by the studios again to chat with Radio 2 DRIVE host Rich Terfry and perform three stripped down versions of songs from her freshly pressed, long-awaited album, Voyageur.

Luckily, I was able to capture the recording and share with you, dear listeners. A bit of chatter in the middle (with Kathleen playing DJ and introducing a song) was cut due to signal loss on my digital FM satellite. It was less than 20 seconds, and won’t be missed by most. The rest of the recording sounds as fantastic as you’d expect from an FM broadcast, and these are unusual arrangements of now familiar songs that are well worth your time and bandwidth.

01. [dj introduction]
02. [interview]
03. [interview]
04. Empty Threat
05. [dj chatter]
06. [interview]
07. Change The Sheets
08. [interview]
09. [interview]
10. Sidecar
11. [dj outro]

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Change The Sheets (Live In Toronto) [MP3 sample]

Humongous thanks to the CBC, host Rich Terfry, Kathleen Edwards, and Gord Tough.

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