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Nicole Atkins @ Lee’s Palace

Nicole Atkins @ Lee's Palace
Nicole Atkins @ Lee’s Palace

. : : February 17th, 2008 : : .

There was something I loved about British girl-group, the Pipettes, that defied all logic.

I mean, they were the product of everything I hated about those late 90-s girl-groups (and boy-bands); contrived, manufactured, and reliant on that grrl-powered gimmick that the Spice Girls perfected a decade earlier.

Maybe it was the nostalgic 60s sound and matching costumes, or the infectiously cotton-candy sweet songs, but I just couldn’t get enough of them, and was thrilled to catch them performing at Lee’s Palace.

I knew nothing of opening band Nicole Atkins and the Sea, and it was a clever (but risk-taking) promoter who teamed her up with the Pipettes. While the Pipettes were sugar-coated, 60’s pop throwback with two-and-a-half minute, hook-filled pop songs, Nicole Atkins was orchestral-infused rock-teetering-on-punk with a voice so powerful it barely needed a microphone to be heard at the back of the venue.

Chris Farren @ Lee’s Palace

Chris Farren
Chris Farren @ Lee’s Palace

. : : July 15th, 2015 : : .

I remember I wasn’t planning to tape Chris Farren‘s opening set that summer day in July of 2015 at Lee’s Palace.

Although I understand now that they were quite successful, I hadn’t heard of his earlier punk band, Fake Problems. I’ve never considered myself a great fan of punk music, and I definitely didn’t do much in the way of seeking it out.

Without a pair of extra batteries and always nervous about depleting them, I figured: I can skip this one, right? … wrong.

Revival Tour @ Lee’s Palace

. : : April 1st, 2013 : : .

Upon disbanding his band, Hot Water Music, Chuck Ragan decided to pursue a very different sort of solo career. Casting off the punk rock genre that had defined much of the previous thirteen years of music, he focused on dabbling in acoustic / folk music.

OK, maybe dabble isn’t the right word? What would you call it when someone creates a large travelling show of punk rock singers sharing the stage as they perform exclusively on acoustic instruments? As per Wikipedia, Ragan “conceptualized the idea of The Revival Tour, a collaborative acoustic event featuring several punk rock, bluegrass, and alt-country performers [to bring music] to people in an extremely honest and grassroots fashion.”

Knowing little about Ragan or the vast majority of his guests on the 2013 North America rendition of the tour, this is the kind of event that would normally fly by unseen on my radar. That is, except Ragan brought out a little old singer/songwriter by the name of Rocky Votolato on these dates.

Limblifter @ Lee’s Palace

. : : November 30th, 2012 : : . Limblifter reunited for a special performance at North By North-East in Toronto supporting of their self-titled debut being reissued on vinyl in June of 2012. It was supposed to be a one-off show, but I guess the band felt some of that old magic, and were back doing a small province-hopping series of shows by late Autumn of the same year. As a big fan of the band — especially their excellent I/O album, long considered to be their last — there was no way I was going to miss seeing them perform again, given that…

Blind Pilot @ Lee’s Palace

. : : November 10th, 2011 : : . I bought my Blind Pilot ticket to Lee’s Palace a couple of months in advance — a rarity for me, as I think I’ve mentioned before. But I wasn’t sure what kind of draw they’d have in Toronto, and I wanted to make sure I could get in. It’s unusual to hear Blind Pilot’s name come up in musical conversation, even though their debut LP Three Rounds and a Sound was one of my favourite musical discoveries of last year. Yeah, OK. I was a bit late to the show. The album was originally distributed in 2008, but like…

Freedom or Death @ Lee’s Palace

. : : July 20th, 2011 : : . It was only three or so blog posts ago when I compared Heartbeat Hotel‘s singer to former The Postage Stamps’ Keith Hamilton. I knew the gentleman was keeping busy after the latter band’s dissolution with promoting concerts in Toronto and southern Ontario, and his own band Hamilton Trading Co., but I guess the busiest man in Toronto still wasn’t busy enough. I was getting excited for The Paper Lions‘ return to Toronto, and decided to do some reading on that bands that would be joining them for their show at Lee’s Palace. I was stunned upon discovering that…

Paper Lions @ Lee’s Palace

. : : July 20th, 2011 : : . Paper Lions‘ Trophies EP has been on frequent rotation since I saw them open for Dark Mean last month. Their brand of power pop fits firmly up my alleyway. Several of the songs performed at that show are actually as-of-yet unreleased, and I’m anxiously awaiting their forthcoming LP to see how these tracks translate from the live stage to the recording studio. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to experience the next best thing. Hailing from the east coast, I sure wasn’t expecting Paper Lions to make the trek back to Toronto until they had the aforementioned…

David Bazan @ Lee’s Palace

. : : June 14th, 2011 : : . This is where I normally blog about the adventures I had before or on the way to the show. However, the day before David Bazan‘s return to Lee’s Palace was about as nondescript as it comes. If you really must know, I played video games and took a nap. There may have been some web browsing in there, as well. No train delays, no angry hobos, no hassle getting into the venue. So, I guess I will instead give a little background on the show itself. Bazan has made it an almost yearly tradition to swing…

Unknown Mortal Orchestra @ Lee’s Palace

. : : May 27th, 2011 : : . Something happened at the Unknown Mortal Orchestra concert last week that has never happened to me before. During the show, perhaps a bit impatient with the long wait to get into Lee’s Palace or the unexpected sound system renovation, I was a bit hasty to judge this, well, unknown band. The late evening show was starting even later than scheduled, I had no idea who they were, and I was amp’ed up for Telekinesis. I also was looking at my watch because I knew that a) I had to be out in time to catch a subway home,…