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Amelia Curran @ Phoenix Concert Theatre

Amelia Curran
Amelia Curran @ Phoenix Concert Theatre

. : : April 20th, 2017 : : .

Can you imagine a line up of four bands where the talent is so formidable that NQ Arbuckle opens the show, and Amelia Curran is only the second performer?

That’s exactly the set-up for Whitehorse‘s record release party for Panther In The Dollhouse album at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, and it’s clear Six Shooter Recorders was prepared to present this show with all guns blazing (pun unfortunately intended). Luckily, the Toronto crowd knew not to miss a good thing, and although the floors hadn’t filled up by the time NQ Arbuckle got off stage, things were starting to get much cozier for Amelia’s set.

Hot on the heels of the release of her eighth(!) album, Watershed, Amelia had gathered momentum with its universal acclaim and mainstream media attention as the album that most blurred the lines between Amelia’s art and work as an advocate for mental health in Canada.

Amelia Curran @ Arts and Culture Centre

. : : October 12th, 2012 : : . Maybe you really, really liked that Amelia Curran recording I just posted? Or maybe you’re an established fan of hers, and are scouring my website for all the live material you can scrounge up? Or maybe still, you’re interested in giving her a shot, but don’t believe my humble audience recordings will do this wonderful artist justice? Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place. I captured an excellent CBC Canada Live broadcast of Amelia Curran performing at the Arts and Culture Centre in Newfoundland, and although there is much overlap in material from the previous post, this…

Amelia Curran @ Rivoli

. : : November 8th, 2012 : : . Wow. By complete coincidence, I’m posting this recording on the one year anniversary of its original performance. It’s been a busy, exhausting, mind-boggling year, so my memories of this night are faint and scattered. I remember arriving at The Rivoli a bit late, not expecting a overly packed audience and being surprised to see that not only were all the tables taken, but so was virtually all of the standing room. I had to stand much further back in the room than I was terribly comfortable doing — a short throw from the loud bar…

Amelia Curran @ Glenn Gould Studio

. : : May 15th, 2012 : : . Amelia Curran is my constant reminder for giving second chances. The first time I saw her perform, I gave her performance the sole negative review in a show that featured a dozen or more Canadian performers. Admittedly, I saw potential, and (although I wasn’t sure why) went to see her perform at Glenn Gould Studio in the closing weeks of 2010. I was blown away by a beautiful, engaging show. The next time I saw her perform, opening for Whitehorse a couple of months ago at the Winter Garden Theatre, I thought the performance was good, but leaning more…

Amelia Curran @ Winter Garden Theatre

. : : February 24th, 2012 : : . Last time I was at the Winter Garden Theatre, it was to see comedian Louis CK. Actually, I think that was the only time I’d ever been to the Winter Garden — in the past, I’d frequented its much closer-to-sea-level downstairs cousin, the Elgin Theatre, when it was the popular choice for musicals in the city. The Winter Garden theatre is stunningly decorated, but an unusual place to hold a concert. The support beams are decorated to look like tree stumps, and “leaves” hang from the ceilings. Painted vines crawl up the walls and doors. To look…

Amelia Curran @ Glenn Gould Studio

. : : December 4th, 2010 : : . Colleen Brown, Danny Michel, Royal Wood, Amelia Curran — all these artists have one thing in common. Well, OK, they probably have a few things in common. But there’s one thing in particular I’m concerned with for the purpose of this blog entry. That is, each was a new discovery for me at this past spring’s NXNE Six Shooter Records‘ Gunslingers and Outlaws showcase at Lee’s Palace. I’ve also made a concentrated effort to see each perform (at least) once on their own, abandoned by the sheer force of talent the sum of their collective peers communally generated. I…

NXNE @ Lee’s Palace

. : : June 17th, 2010 : : . Some people say it’s good luck to be pooped on by a bird. Kind of a ridiculous statement, isn’t it? And easily said by the person who wasn’t pooped on. I think of all the real estate in the neighborhood, standing in the exact location that bird decided to relieve itself is a massive stroke of bad luck. But maybe the idiom comes from some sort of karmic equation? Such bad luck must be balanced out by the universe with a similar chance stroke of enormous good luck, no? As I stood in…