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The Pack A.D. @ Infinity Club

. : : April 6th, 2012 : : .

What would the early output of The White Stripes sound like if Jack White was female?

OK, some of you probably answered “not a whole lot different.” Ha ha. Very funny. But if this is a question that ever crossed your mind or piques your curiosity after it being proposed to you here, you may be interested in checking out The Pack A.D.

Their latest album, Do Not Engage, has got them national attention of rock radio, and as this blog post goes to print, the band has enjoyed the #1 position at the National Canadian Campus Radio for its tenth straight week.

And with good reason. The band revives the amalgamation of garage rock and grunge-influences blues that propelled Jack and Meg White to international stardom (before they had more fun tinkering with a marimba than making fun rock music, anyway).

Our Lady Peace @ Club Infinity

. : : April 6th, 2012 : : . Our Lady Peace might be one of the most important alternative rock bands to ever come from Canada. They never REALLY broke out internationally like they did at home, but they’ve had a modest amount of success that has kept them recording albums and touring for almost a decade past their prime. After near back-to-back hit albums Happiness… Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch and Spiritual Machines, the band’s founder and lead guitar player Mike Turner left the band. The usual “Creative Differences” was cited as the reason, although most fans were apprehensive about swallowing that particular…

Cursive @ Mohawk Place

. : : March 30th, 2012 : : . In university, I fell in love with Cursive. Hot on the tails of The Ugly Organ album, the follow up to their scorching hit, Domestica, the albums never left my, ahem, 128mb mp3 player. I couldn’t tell you how many times I listened to those discs on my travels in and about the streets of Ottawa. The previous summer, the band was scheduled for the Cure‘s Curiosa festival tour — and performed on each and every one of the tour dates, except Toronto. A couple of other tours, for both The Ugly Organ and their 2006 follow-up, Happy Hollow, still kept…

Cursive @ Tralf Music Hall

. : : July 31st, 2009 : : . Friends had been encouraging me to get into Cursive for some time by the time I actually came around and eventually fell in love. Most fans discover Cursive frontman Tim Kasher‘s side project The Good Life via fandom of the former. I did it backwards. A friend sent me a song or two of the Good Life’s brand new album (at the time), Album of the Year. I instantly fell in love, acquired the band’s back catalogue, and made it the soundtrack to my life. However, a desire for more music lead me to check out Kasher’s other band,…