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Hannah Georgas @ SiriusXM

Hannah Georgas

2020 was … unusual.

Gripped by a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, relegated to stay-at-home orders and curfews, live concerts stopped being a thing. At least, in the typical sense of the phrase.

Pivoting to engage fanbases, generate income, and continue to spark creative drive, musicians began to take up live-streaming performances en masse. Like many live performances, the quality varied.

Usually, things like the venue, PA system, and sound person on duty were deciding factors on sound and visuals, but now it was the artists’ home studio set-up, internet upload speed, and network congestion. And to say it’s been a learning curve for everyone would be putting it somewhat mildly. However, as the year wore on, the quality by and large improved.

The new challenge arising as 2020 came to a close was not how much will I enjoy this live stream, and turned more toward how many live streams can I enjoy?

Hannah Georgas @ Metro Square

Hannah Georgas
Hannah Georgas @ Metro Square

. : : March 24th, 2011 : : .

This wasn’t the first time I’d seen Hannah Georgas live, it wasn’t the last time, and it wasn’t even the best time that week!

Her Junofest performance at The Drake Underground is one of my favourite concert memories and solidified me as a fan but I also saw her play only two nights earlier at the outdoor Metro Square Juno Block Party show, where her performance was sandwiched between Shad and City & Colour.

You wouldn’t know it from following my blog though, as this tape has never seen the light of day before today.

Hannah Georgas @ Deer Lake Park

Hannah Gerogas
Hannah Georgas @ CBC Music Festival

. : : June 14th, 2012 : : .

Hannah Georgas‘ album This Is Good is full of great, punchy, catchy, hooky guitar-based indie rock, so when it met some success including a finalist for Best New Artist Juno, it came as a surprise her sophomore album took a hard left into moodier, down-tempo synth-based music.

It caught me off guard, and it wasn’t until experiencing the new tunes live that I really got it.

Hannah Georgas @ Mod Club

. : : February 1st, 2013 : : . I was an enormous fan of Hannah Georgas‘ This Is Good album. Loved it to death. Her pre-Junos performance at the Drake Underground in 2011 is still one of my absolute, all-time favourite concerts. A great, powerful voice married to crazy, infectious guitar hooks? I was smitten. Her follow up album, eponymously titled, exchanges those infectious guitar hooks for dance hall looped synths and digital drums. The warmth, youthful energy and dynamic excitement of her previous worked seemed to be exchanged with digital beeps and bloops that are all the rage in pop music these days, but tend…

Hannah Georgas @ Phoenix Concert Theatre

. : : February 11th, 2012 : : . After missing the first half of Hannah Georgas‘ set on Friday in Hamilton, I wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice. I erred on the side of overly cautious, and headed out to The Phoenix Concert Theatre and arrived some 50-minutes before doors opened. You’d think, being so over-zealous, I’d be first in line and left out to freeze in the cold for another twenty or so minutes before anyone joined me. Surprisingly, there were already half a dozen die-hards in line. It wasn’t long until we all got chatting, and discovered we all…

Hannah Georgas @ The Studio

. : : February 10th, 2012 : : . I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought a ticket to see Kathleen Edwards perform at Molson Canadian Studio in Hamilton. First, I already had a ticket for her show in Toronto the very next night at The Phoenix. Second, I’ve only been to Hamilton twice before, and never alone, and I have no idea how to get around it. Third, I am an extremely anxious traveler. Some crazy impulse must have come over me, because it wasn’t until I got my ticket in the mail that reality started to set in. Wait, I thought to…

Kathleen Edwards @ CBC Studio 11

. : : January 14th, 2012 : : . It isn’t frequent that Kathleen Edwards plays a show in Toronto that I don’t somehow find a way to get to. In fact, since the release of Asking For Flowers (and perhaps a bit before it), I managed to see all but one Kathleen Edwards show in Toronto — a show at the Trinity Church surprised me by selling out before I could snag a ticket. When I booked two weeks off of work to travel for a destination wedding that would take me to the southern US and Bahamas, I just KNEW that I was going to miss…

Junofest 2011 @ [Various Venues]

Around this time last year, I was mostly ambivalent about Canadian music. That’s not to say there weren’t Canadian bands I enjoyed, but it extended only so far. Most of my interest was focused on north-west bands, primarily Seattle and Portland-area bands on the great Barsuk Records. The much-blogged about NXNE showcase set last year introduced me to handfuls of great local Canadian talent, who has in turn by pursuing them, introduced me to even more. At last year’s Junos kick-off party, which I was lucky enough to win a guest list spot to (to see Kathleen Edwards perform a unique solo set), I was…

Royal Wood @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre

. : : November 26th, 2010 : : . The sound in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre was much improved for Royal Wood‘s headlining set, at least over the muddled murkiness that it was for opener Hannah Georgas. It was only one of the ways in which the two sets could be classified as vastly different. In my blog on Hannah Georgas, I described Hannah as spunky, energetic, with an underground pop/rock sound. Royal Wood, on the other hand, was classy, relaxed and baring a set that leaned heavily towards an easy listening / adult alternative vibe. I found Royal’s set to be a bit more challenging,…

Hannah Georgas @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre

      . : : November 26th, 2010 : : .   I’ve never been to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, and was a bit surprised to find out that it was at the summer tourist hub, Exhibition Place. I didn’t think much happened quite this far south once the temperature dips below freezing. Obviously, that just goes to show my ignorance of all things Toronto; I live in the suburbs, and these concert forays are my only real reason to visit The City. As such, there are still large pockets I am altogether unfamiliar with, and The Ex is one of those…