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Whitehorse @ [undisclosed]

Whitehorse @ [undisclosed location]

To compliment the Whitehorse recording posted earlier this week, here’s a couple of songs from the archive, captured from the CBC Music Backstage Pass television program.

These tracks were recorded weeks before the release of their debut full length LP, The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss at an undisclosed location (likely in rural Ontario, possibly at the Keelor family farm — but that’s merely speculation).

The videos are available on YouTube should you prefer a visual but if not, Mismatched Eyes (Boat Song) is recorded outdoors, presumably on the lawn of the interior cabin where Achilles’ Desire was captured, while a caramel and ash-coloured cat takes interest in the microphone cables, inches toward the couple, and eventually lies down comfortably at Melissa’s feet.

Bahamas @ CBC and TBS

Bahamas @ CBC and TBS

Not much of a story to this one, I’m afraid!

Bahamas had put out (another) critically acclaimed album, somewhat self-titled Bahamas Is Afie, and on the promotional tour, stopped by CBC for a First Play Live set of five songs (four of which aired on the program Backstage Pass captured here) and later swung by Conan to top off his program one evening.

Although I’m sure the videos are on YouTube or whatever, I’ve captured the audio in high quality from their television broadcasts for those who prefer their audio without video.

Hannah Georgas @ Deer Lake Park

Hannah Gerogas
Hannah Georgas @ CBC Music Festival

. : : June 14th, 2012 : : .

Hannah Georgas‘ album This Is Good is full of great, punchy, catchy, hooky guitar-based indie rock, so when it met some success including a finalist for Best New Artist Juno, it came as a surprise her sophomore album took a hard left into moodier, down-tempo synth-based music.

It caught me off guard, and it wasn’t until experiencing the new tunes live that I really got it.

Meaghan Smith @ [various TV]

. : : April 14/17th, 2014 : : .

Four and a half years after her brilliant début major label album, The Cricket’s Orchestra, Meaghan Smith is back with her sophomore follow-up, Have A Heart.

Gone is influence of the big band and early jazz of the 40’s and 50’s, replaced an eccentric mix of modern and 60’s/70’s pop. Although jumping ahead several decades in influence and sound, all you have to do is listen to songs like Friends Like You and you’ll rest assured that at the heart of these bigger, bolder, and largely produced songs is still that sweet and wry Canadian gal who won a Best New Artist Juno in 2011.

Meaghan and her hus-band, Jason Mingo, seemed to have also upped the ante with their live set-up, replacing the stripped down almost-all-acoustic set enhanced by samples with a full live band. Jason now brandishes an electric guitar, and is rounded out by a keyboardist, bassist and live drummer.

Whitehorse @ CBC Studios

. : : January 11th, 2013 : : . If you’re anything like me, you just can’t get enough of the Luke Doucet / Melissa McClelland duo Whitehorse. In the next little while, I hope to have an original audience recording of Luke Doucet and White Falcon — a rare reunion with his prior band from 2012 — available for your listening pleasure. Until then, though, I got my hands on a edited re-airing of the band’s set on Q with Jian Ghomeshi last year. Unfortunately, it’s missing the band’s performance of Wisconsin, but there is still exceptional takes on Devil’s Got A Gun and No Glamour in the Hammer from their most recent album, The Fate…

Blue Rodeo @ Keelor Family Farmhouse

. : : September, 2013 : : . Blue Rodeo invited CBC Music up to Greg Keelor‘s farm, where their most recent album In Our Nature was recorded. Originally intended to be a rehearsal space to work out demos, the band quickly realized there was magic and began putting the songs to tape. Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and co. wanted to recreate that magic, and recorded a collection of many of these new songs live for CBC, performing each in a different room or area of the property, and in differing configurations. The band has officially invited frequent collaborator Colin Cripps into the fold as lead guitarist and backing…

Whitehorse @ the Carlu

. : : September 23rd, 2013 : : . Most fans of HaterHigh will need no introduction to Whitehorse or its parts Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland, so I’ll skip the how’dyados and get right down to business. The Polaris Music Prize is a coveted music award that started as a sort-of underground alternative award to Canada’s generally commercialized North-of-the-border Grammy award, the Juno. It has gained huge notoriety in its seven short years of existence due to its tendency to award smaller, lesser known, fringe and alternative acts that are generally otherwise ignored by the mainstream media. Its inaugural event awarded Final Fantasy for the crassly named album He…

Iron & Wine and Calexico @ NBC Studios

. : : December 11th, 2013 : : . After a slew of frequent updates all in a row, I was planning on taking another (much shorter) break from the blog for the holiday season to spend time with my new family and prepare for the festivities. Ah, but the best laid plans of mice and men… Popular talk show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, of all things, was the thing to bring me back. More specifically, last night’s closing performance by Iron and Wine, Calexico, Glen Hansard, and perpetual favourite, the lovely Kathleen Edwards. Knowing many of my readers as as big of fans of…

The Rest @ CHCH Studios

. : : April 29th, 2013 : : . A day before front man Adam Bentley announced that The Rest would be calling it quits after a decade of making music together, a fraction of the band showed up on Hamilton’s CHCH broadcast of Morning Live. Whether this sliver formation was foreshadowing of the news forth-coming or a curious coincidence caused by scheduling conflicts, I certainly couldn’t say — but it seems somehow sadly appropriate. One blessing that can be counted is the unique version of the band’s single, Always On My Mind, from their final release, Seesaw. Stripped almost to it’s base core, Adam’s hauntingly lamentful voice is…

Kathleen Edwards @ NBC TV Studios

. : : May 4th, 2012 : : . Sorry for the quiet last few weeks, chums. I recently started a new job that requires more time and attention — especially since I’m still learning just how to do it. Fret not for the future of this blog: I intend to keep at it, and have a handful of concerts lined up this month and next, not to mention the still dozens strong backlog of recordings from last fall and winter. No matter how busy I am, though, I will always drop everything for Kathleen Edwards, who performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last…