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Noel Johnson @ Cameron House

Noel Johnson
Noel Johnson @ Cameron House

. : : July 4th, 2012 : : .

I recorded Noel Johnson‘s mid-lineup set, book-ended by Colleen Brown and the Autumn Portrait, at the Cameron House backroom on a 4th of July evening back in 2012.

My memories of the night have faded with age, but I have lingering impressions of a solid night of music performed to an almost-entirely empty room.

I also remember being impressed with the sound and wondering why I hadn’t been to the well-known Cameron House before. Well, I haven’t been since either, but listening back to the recording while doing this write-up provides a compelling reason why I should (y’know, once going to live concerts is a thing that people can do again)!

Colleen Brown @ Burdock

Colleen Brown
Colleen Brown @ The Burdock

. : : March 20th, 2015 : : .

I’d really been enjoying the quality of my most recent Sound Professionals microphones but I’ve found that even powered off and unplugged it seems to drain the batteries. It’s happened more than once that I’ve picked up the mics after weeks (or months) of disuse to discover that they were prematurely emptied. Others mics lasted years with heavier usage on a single battery, while this one seems to need to be changed every 8-10 months. Knowing this hasn’t helped me in remembering to change the batteries, and I’m often the victim of what really  shouldn’t be an unpleasant surprise.

Colleen Brown‘s record release show at The Burdock was once of those nights.

Colleen Brown @ Cameron House

. : : July 4th, 2012 : : . If there’s one thing that can be said about Colleen Brown, it’s that she doesn’t stay in one place, musically speaking, for very long. When I first discovered her back in the spring of 2010, she was touring behind the re-release of Foot In Heart on Emm Gryner‘s Dead Daisy Records label. Since the original Foot In Heart was released independently three years earlier, it was only natural she was road testing new material — much of which would end up on her most recent LP, last year’s Collen Brown’s DIRT, and the rest of which would eventually be unfortunately…

Colleen Brown @ Hotowitz Theatre

. : : November 22nd, 2011 : : . You may have already heard of Colleen Brown — especially if you have visited this blog before. In fact, if you were to check out the number of posts she’s been tagged in on, you’d come up with slightly more than a dozen previous blog entries. So, yeah, I guess you can say I’m a fan. If you’re not (yet!), you may not know that she recently wrapped up an IndieGoGo campaign to fund a follow-up album to 2011’s DIRT. She’s been flying back and forth to LA meeting with fancy-pants producers, and the future…

Colleen Brown @ Drake Underground

. : : March 9th, 2012 : : . The other day, Ms. Colleen Brown posted a link to her Facebook friends about the blog. It meant a lot to me, not only for the kind words that accompanied the link, but because it meant (to me) that, after nearly two years of hard, dedicated (and expensive) work, the live recordings are really, finally being embraced by the community that I’m so dedicated to promoting. It was apropos that it was shortly before this blog entry but after the recording of this concert in particular that this link was posted. This blog does a…

Songs Are Tattoos – Joni Mitchell Tribute @ Hugh’s Room

. : : March 3rd, 2012 : : . I had almost completely forgotten about Songs Are Tattoos: A Joni Mitchell Tribute, happening at Hugh’s Room in Toronto and featuring favourite Colleen Brown until I received a text message from Ms. Brown herself, inviting me out. I knew it was happening, but for some reason the date didn’t get saved in my phone’s agenda, and in the recesses of my memory, it was slated for LATE March. When it popped up only a couple of days into the month, I was shocked, but rushed into the shower and onto the subway. I was going to be…

Colleen Brown @ Dakota Tavern

. : : January 20th, 2012 : : . As I mentioned in yesterday’s Kathleen Edwards blog post, with a unheard of two week vacation that would take me out of the country, I fully expected a flood of bands I love to perform shows in my favourite Toronto venues while I was away. So, yeah, I breathed a large sigh of relief when I saw that Colleen Brown HAD booked a headlining show in Toronto, finally, and it would be some three days after I got BACK in town. The evening sun set early, and as it disappeared behind the horizon, it brought a sheet…

Colleen Brown @ Dakota Tavern

. : : November 5th, 2011 : : . I often start my blogs talking about how crazy early I arrive to shows, and all the hi-jinx I get up to at the venue early. My penchant for early arrival often means I’m the butt of playful jokes of friends and family, but every once and I while, I get a sobering reminder of just why I show up to shows so ridiculously early. Let’s back up a little, shall we? Long time readers of this blog may recognize the name Colleen Brown. Last summer, I was privileged enough to see Ms. Brown…

Emm Gryner @ Dakota Tavern

. : : November 5th, 2011 : : . A few weeks ago, Emm Gryner sent out a Twitter message saying (and I might be paraphrasing), “If you don’t like laptops on stage, you’re too old.” Now, for those of you whom read my review / download of her last show in Toronto at the Drake Underground, you’ll likely recall she performed with the SHVRS brothers, a duo that spent the majority of the evening pushing buttons and turning knobs. Not to take anything away from the team; they were very clearly talented and great at what they do, but it was this reviewers opinion that what…

Colleen Brown @ Engineered Air Theatre

      . : : March 17th, 2010 : : . Sorry for the quiet last few weeks. I’d been counting on getting to see Jim Bryson and the Weakerthans a couple of weeks ago, but came down with a killer migraine. I was afraid it might have been the start of a horrid cold, and decided to nip it in the bud and take a night off and rest. It did a lot of good, with the exception that I missed what was, from all accounts, a stellar show with a guest appearance by favourite Kathleen Edwards. 🙁 Things are looking to…