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Royal Wood @ CBC Studio 211

Royal Wood
Royal Wood @ Studio 211

. : : March 2014 : : .

Royal Wood was one of my early Canadian Music Week discoveries. His powerful piano pop performances of songs Do You Recall and On Top of Your Love immediately made me a fan, and I ended up seeing him live 4-times in about 14-months spanning 2010-2011.

Alas! Other musical acts became a distraction, and he had slipped off my radar a bit when his follow up album, We Were Born To Glory, came out.

I did capture a couple of performances Royal did for CBC’s First Play Live program that aired shortly after the album’s release, but the station’s running interview tracks over top the first verses of the songs annoyed me to no end, and I didn’t give them the attention they deserve.

Whitehorse @ [undisclosed]

Whitehorse @ [undisclosed location]

To compliment the Whitehorse recording posted earlier this week, here’s a couple of songs from the archive, captured from the CBC Music Backstage Pass television program.

These tracks were recorded weeks before the release of their debut full length LP, The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss at an undisclosed location (likely in rural Ontario, possibly at the Keelor family farm — but that’s merely speculation).

The videos are available on YouTube should you prefer a visual but if not, Mismatched Eyes (Boat Song) is recorded outdoors, presumably on the lawn of the interior cabin where Achilles’ Desire was captured, while a caramel and ash-coloured cat takes interest in the microphone cables, inches toward the couple, and eventually lies down comfortably at Melissa’s feet.

Bahamas @ CBC and TBS

Bahamas @ CBC and TBS

Not much of a story to this one, I’m afraid!

Bahamas had put out (another) critically acclaimed album, somewhat self-titled Bahamas Is Afie, and on the promotional tour, stopped by CBC for a First Play Live set of five songs (four of which aired on the program Backstage Pass captured here) and later swung by Conan to top off his program one evening.

Although I’m sure the videos are on YouTube or whatever, I’ve captured the audio in high quality from their television broadcasts for those who prefer their audio without video.

Hannah Georgas @ Deer Lake Park

Hannah Gerogas
Hannah Georgas @ CBC Music Festival

. : : June 14th, 2012 : : .

Hannah Georgas‘ album This Is Good is full of great, punchy, catchy, hooky guitar-based indie rock, so when it met some success including a finalist for Best New Artist Juno, it came as a surprise her sophomore album took a hard left into moodier, down-tempo synth-based music.

It caught me off guard, and it wasn’t until experiencing the new tunes live that I really got it.

Jenn Grant @ CBC

Jenn Grant
Jenn Grant @ CBC

For Jenn Grant fans old and new (perhaps newly converted from my recent recording?), I have a couple of older FM captures of Jenn Grant performances for the CBC.

The first, recorded at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium in Jenn’s hometown of Halifax, was hot on the heels of the Honeymoon Punch album release — only some three odd weeks after the album hit shelves! The set was recorded by CBC for Canada Live and is here as it aired.

The second is when Jenn joined (now disgraced) CBC host Jian Ghomeshi about 15-months into the album’s cycle, while it was up for 4 East Coast Music Awards and shortly after being listed as contenders for the Polaris and Junos Awards, for a quick song and short interview for popular morning radio program Q at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Whitehorse @ CBC Studios

. : : January 11th, 2013 : : . If you’re anything like me, you just can’t get enough of the Luke Doucet / Melissa McClelland duo Whitehorse. In the next little while, I hope to have an original audience recording of Luke Doucet and White Falcon — a rare reunion with his prior band from 2012 — available for your listening pleasure. Until then, though, I got my hands on a edited re-airing of the band’s set on Q with Jian Ghomeshi last year. Unfortunately, it’s missing the band’s performance of Wisconsin, but there is still exceptional takes on Devil’s Got A Gun and No Glamour in the Hammer from their most recent album, The Fate…

Blue Rodeo @ Keelor Family Farmhouse

. : : September, 2013 : : . Blue Rodeo invited CBC Music up to Greg Keelor‘s farm, where their most recent album In Our Nature was recorded. Originally intended to be a rehearsal space to work out demos, the band quickly realized there was magic and began putting the songs to tape. Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and co. wanted to recreate that magic, and recorded a collection of many of these new songs live for CBC, performing each in a different room or area of the property, and in differing configurations. The band has officially invited frequent collaborator Colin Cripps into the fold as lead guitarist and backing…

Amelia Curran @ Arts and Culture Centre

. : : October 12th, 2012 : : . Maybe you really, really liked that Amelia Curran recording I just posted? Or maybe you’re an established fan of hers, and are scouring my website for all the live material you can scrounge up? Or maybe still, you’re interested in giving her a shot, but don’t believe my humble audience recordings will do this wonderful artist justice? Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place. I captured an excellent CBC Canada Live broadcast of Amelia Curran performing at the Arts and Culture Centre in Newfoundland, and although there is much overlap in material from the previous post, this…

Good, Pinsent, and Keelor @ CBC Radio 1

. : : April 12th, 2012 : : . At my old job, I used to have time to listen to Jian Ghomeshi‘s Q most mornings. I especially loved Fridays, when he usually has a local band in to play a few songs. Sometimes the bands are well known, sometimes not. Sometimes they fall somewhere in between. With Good, Pinsent and Keelor, the individuals are perhaps more well-known than this particular project, which I’d never heard before this program, but immediately grabbed my attention. Marrying the talents of The Sadies‘ Travis Good and Blue Rodeo‘s Greg Keelor with the whiskey warm, almost Cohen-esque voice of actor and poet Gordon Pinsent is an…

Colleen Brown @ Hotowitz Theatre

. : : November 22nd, 2011 : : . You may have already heard of Colleen Brown — especially if you have visited this blog before. In fact, if you were to check out the number of posts she’s been tagged in on, you’d come up with slightly more than a dozen previous blog entries. So, yeah, I guess you can say I’m a fan. If you’re not (yet!), you may not know that she recently wrapped up an IndieGoGo campaign to fund a follow-up album to 2011’s DIRT. She’s been flying back and forth to LA meeting with fancy-pants producers, and the future…