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Aidan Knight @ Mod Club

Aidan Knight
Aidan Knight @ Mod Club Theatre

. : : February 1st, 2013 : : .

Sometimes opening acts fit into a set like a glove. Other times, the opener is so stylistically different that you wonder what the promoter was thinking putting them on the same bill.

Aidan Knight, opening for Hannah Georgas, leaned decidedly towards the latter.

It wouldn’t have always been like that, though. After all, they have a decent amount in common. They’re both based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They’re only a scant three years apart in age. They both cut their teeth in folksy, singer-songwriter genres on the west coast music scene. They were both promoting their recently-issued sophomore albums. But by the time they shared a stage at Toronto’s Mod Club Theatre, they had taken drastically different turns on the proverbial fork in the road.

Hannah Georgas @ Mod Club

. : : February 1st, 2013 : : . I was an enormous fan of Hannah Georgas‘ This Is Good album. Loved it to death. Her pre-Junos performance at the Drake Underground in 2011 is still one of my absolute, all-time favourite concerts. A great, powerful voice married to crazy, infectious guitar hooks? I was smitten. Her follow up album, eponymously titled, exchanges those infectious guitar hooks for dance hall looped synths and digital drums. The warmth, youthful energy and dynamic excitement of her previous worked seemed to be exchanged with digital beeps and bloops that are all the rage in pop music these days, but tend…

Jonathan Coulton @ Mod Club

. : : June 6th, 2012 : : . I’m not a Jonathan Coulton fan. Not that it’s a bad thing to be. In fact, based on the show I witnessed at Toronto’s Mod Club Theatre earlier this week, I’d say it’s a damn fine thing to be. Never have I seen such an enthusiastic — nae, INTERACTIVE — crowd at an indie rock concert in my life. I don’t mean in the “drunkenly yelling lyrics at the top of your lungs” interactive, nor the “wildly dancing and flailing about with no regard for the people around you” interactive, or even the less annoying “get on…

John Roderick @ Mod Club

. : : June 6th, 2012 : : . It occurs to me that many readers of this blog might not be familiar with it’s top domain, I don’t blame you; the site hasn’t been updated in almost two years. So let me tell you a bit about its history. started out as a fansite for The Long Winters. The modest site primarily housed lyrics, guitar tabulature, and live recordings. But, after finishing touring on the back of the band’s latest album Putting The Days To Bed in 2008, the band went on an unusually quiet hiatus. News came down the pipe that…

Ra Ra Riot @ Mod Club

. : : August 30th, 2010 : : . I was hoping to do double duty and tape both Ra Ra Riot‘s MTV Canada taping (which may be redundant, but whatever) and their Contest Winners Only show at the Mod Club. I got an e-mail from MTV the night before the event going over details (location, set length, etc), and it notified that all bags must be checked. I started to strategize other ways to sneak my rather bulky R-09hr recorder into the Masonic Temple right up to the moment I got in line outside the venue. The girls in front of me — who must be almost…