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Hannah Georgas @ Deer Lake Park

Hannah Gerogas
Hannah Georgas @ CBC Music Festival

. : : June 14th, 2012 : : .

Hannah Georgas‘ album This Is Good is full of great, punchy, catchy, hooky guitar-based indie rock, so when it met some success including a finalist for Best New Artist Juno, it came as a surprise her sophomore album took a hard left into moodier, down-tempo synth-based music.

It definitely caught me off guard, and it wasn’t until experiencing the new tunes live that I really got it.

I’ve written about it elsewhere on this site, so I won’t harp on it any further. Rather, I’ll keep this blog entry and short and sweet as the recording that follows.

Fans of this blog may remember Hannah as the opening act and backing vocalist for Kathleen Edwards‘ Voyageur album; so if my endorsement doesn’t carry enough weight, maybe Kathleen’s clout will inspire you to give her a shot.

This is one (and three-quarters-ish) of the songs performed for the CBC Music Fest in British Columbia back in 2012. As it was captured professionally by CBC, the sound quality is second-to-none.

01. [introduction]
02. Robotic
03. [introduction 2]
04. [interview]
05. The Waiting Game [partial]
06. [outro]

info.txt // flac fingerprint ] … [ZIP MP3 Link]

Robotic [MP3 sample]

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