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Have I mentioned recently on this blog how much I love Rocky Votolato? Well, I do.

I also love KEXP, a great radio station out of Seattle, WA, that seems to have the absolute best taste in music, and throws huge support behind some great north-eastern bands, such as Death Cab For CutieThe Long WintersDavid Bazan, and, yes, even Rocky Votolato.

Each of the aforementioned bands have performed multiple times in-studio for KEXP radio, and the station’s website allows archived streaming in both compressed and uncompressed formats. Wait! Uncompressed formats you say!? Yes, every foreign taper’s wet dream: a radio station featuring awesome artists performing excellent songs recorded professionally and made available streaming FOR FREE in the highest quality possible, no matter where you are in the world!

I love Rocky Votolato, and I love KEXP. So, obviously, when they come together, beautiful things happen. And although the performance is archived online, the lossless formats are only archived for a couple of weeks, and the lossy formats are only available streaming. I have captured the lossless stream for your on-going perusal, and (so as not to transcode), made my own lossless conversion of the material downloadable as offline device-friendly MP3s.

This performance is notable not only for the songs, but also for featuring accompaniment by Rocky’s brother, Cody Votolato, who has been featured elsewhere on this blog as a member of Telekinesis. If that wasn’t enough, the interview drops a couple of particularly interesting tidbits about Rocky’s latest disc, Television of Saints, including that the album was written and recorded in a professional studio with a full band, mixed, and in the process of mastering before Rocky scrapped the completed work for the quieter, acoustic singer-songwriter approach we now know the album to be.

This is a definite must-have for Rocky Votolato fans. If you’ve read this far, what are you waiting for? This tape’s for you.

01. [introduction]
02. Little Spring
03. [banter]
04. Fool’s Gold
05. [interview]
06. Sparks
07. [interview]
08. Crooked Arrows
09. [outero]

[info.txt // flac fingerprint ]

Sparks (Live on KEXP) [MP3 sample]

Insurmountable mountains of thank yous to everyone at the wonderful KEXP Radio in Seattle, and Rocky and Cody Votolato for their performance.

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