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Kathleen Edwards @ KCRW


. : : March 24th, 2005 : : .

How are you all enjoying the all-Kathleen Edwards end of summer special?

Hopefully, you’re finding something new in all the something old. I have a few more up my sleeve, starting with this set Kathleen and band performed for LA radio station KCRW on their famed Morning Becomes Eclectic show back in 2005.

KCRW gave the band space for a generous 7-song set and interview and they took full advantage. The group played about half of Back To Me — an album that was only three weeks old at the time, but recently celebrated its 15th birthday — a note-worthy version of Somewhere Else where Kathleen and original writer Jim Bryson trade off vocals, and Unknown Legend, a great Neil Young cover!

This recording shows its age a bit with a bit of tape hiss audible throughout — but not bad at all, given its age!

We’ve been celebrating Kathleen’s first album in eight long years, Total Freedom, which turns two weeks old today! Have you guys given the album a listen yet? What are your initial thoughts? Any stand out tracks? Let me know what you think of this recording and the brand new album in the comments below!

  1. [introduction]
  2. In State
  3. Pink Emerson Radio
  4. Copied Keys
  5. [interview]
  6. Somewhere Else
  7. Good Things
  8. Back to Me
  9. Unknown Legend [Neil Young]
  10. [outro]

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Somewhere Else (Live on KCRW) [MP3 sample]

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    1. Glad to help out fellow fans seek out some new music to listen to. It’s a tough year and we can all benefit from a warm, musical hug!

      Thank you so much for visiting the site!

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