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Sorry for the quiet last few weeks, chums.

I recently started a new job that requires more time and attention — especially since I’m still learning just how to do it. Fret not for the future of this blog: I intend to keep at it, and have a handful of concerts lined up this month and next, not to mention the still dozens strong backlog of recordings from last fall and winter.

No matter how busy I am, though, I will always drop everything for Kathleen Edwards, who performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last Friday. After losing her voice to the rigors of a harsh touring schedule, Kathleen took a couple of weeks off before resuming the aggressive promotional tour supporting her latest album, Voyageur. Upon returning to the road, long time collaborator Jim Bryson was brought back into the fold after going on a short paternity leave. As much as Daniel Ledwell will be missed, it’s nice to have our old friend back.

Kathleen and band performed what might be an odd choice for an American audience, Empty Threat. With a chorus of “I’m moving to America / It’s an empty threat”, it might have been well to contextualize Kathleen as a Canadian performer in Jimmy’s short introduction. After all, the lyrics might seem a bit off to a primarily American audience used to seeing primarily American bands perform on their late night programming; is it too imaginative of me to assume without the proper context for non-fans, the lyrics would come across as confusing?

Meh. Whatever. It’s another great performance that you can now download and listen to on your iPod at your leisure. Hopefully, if all goes to plan, I’ll be catching Kathleen at least once more over the course of the summer, but for now, this will have to hold us over. Enjoy!

01. Empty Threat
02. [Fallon outro]

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Empty Threat (Live on NBC) [MP3 sample]

Thanks to NBC, Jimmy Fallon and crew, Kathleen Edwards, Hannah Georgas, Jim Bryson, Lyle MolzanJohn Dinsmore, and Gord Tough.

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