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I was finishing writing the previous blog entry on Whitehorse when my friend Rick messaged me to let me know that Jim Cuddy was going to be playing a set with his band on CBC Radio 1’s Q. Any Canadian worth their salt would drop anything they’re doing to listen to a founding Blue Rodeo member, so sure enough, I stopped typing mid-sentence, grabbed my Edirol recorder, and rushed down to my TV to hook up to the digital FM signal broadcast through my Satellite receiver.

Jim stopped by CBC Studios to speak with DJ Jian Ghomeshi about his forth-coming album, Skyscraper Soul, and preview a handful of tracks before heading out on a short promotional tour. As with all CBC broadcasts, the sound is impeccable, and a must-have for Jim Cuddy fans — especially those salivating for a sneak peek at the new disc.

Unfortunately, Rick and I missed the first of three segments featuring Jim, but I caught the second two in its entirely. The program was replayed again, later in the evening, but was edited down for content. As such, the first three tracks are the SECOND (evening) airing of the program, and may be missing some of the interview portion of the original programming. The second three tracks are the second segment, and finally the final three tracks are the final, show-closing segments, both captured from the original (morning) airing.

This recording IS edited for content insofar as irrelevant, unrelated portions of the programs have been removed. Without further ado, download and enjoy!

01. [dj introduction]
02. Watch Yourself Go Down
03. [interview] *
04. [dj introduction]
05. Regular Days ^
06. [interview]
07. [dj introduction] *
08. Everyone Watched The Wedding
09. [interview / dj outero]

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Everybody Watched The Wedding (Live In Toronto) [MP3 sample]

Thanks to Jim Cuddy and band, Jian Ghomeshi and CBC, and Rick for the heads up!

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