Aidan Knight @ Mod Club

Aidan Knight
Aidan Knight @ Mod Club Theatre

. : : February 1st, 2013 : : .

Sometimes opening acts fit into a set like a glove. Other times, the opener is so stylistically different that you wonder what the promoter was thinking putting them on the same bill.

Aidan Knight, opening for Hannah Georgas, leaned decidedly towards the latter.

It wouldn’t have always been like that, though. After all, they have a decent amount in common. They’re both based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They’re only a scant three years apart in age. They both cut their teeth in folksy, singer-songwriter genres on the west coast music scene. They were both promoting their recently-issued sophomore albums. But by the time they shared a stage at Toronto’s Mod Club Theatre, they had taken drastically different turns on the proverbial fork in the road.