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Noel Johnson @ Cameron House

Noel Johnson
Noel Johnson @ Cameron House

. : : July 4th, 2012 : : .

I recorded Noel Johnson‘s mid-lineup set, book-ended by Colleen Brown and the Autumn Portrait, at the Cameron House backroom on a 4th of July evening back in 2012.

My memories of the night have faded with age, but I have lingering impressions of a solid night of music performed to an almost-entirely empty room.

I also remember being impressed with the sound and wondering why I hadn’t been to the well-known Cameron House before. Well, I haven’t been since either, but listening back to the recording while doing this write-up provides a compelling reason why I should (y’know, once going to live concerts is a thing that people can do again)!

Colleen Brown @ Cameron House

. : : July 4th, 2012 : : . If there’s one thing that can be said about Colleen Brown, it’s that she doesn’t stay in one place, musically speaking, for very long. When I first discovered her back in the spring of 2010, she was touring behind the re-release of Foot In Heart on Emm Gryner‘s Dead Daisy Records label. Since the original Foot In Heart was released independently three years earlier, it was only natural she was road testing new material — much of which would end up on her most recent LP, last year’s Collen Brown’s DIRT, and the rest of which would eventually be unfortunately…