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Hannah Georgas @ Metro Square

Hannah Georgas
Hannah Georgas @ Metro Square

. : : March 24th, 2011 : : .

This wasn’t the first time I’d seen Hannah Georgas live, it wasn’t the last time, and it wasn’t even the best time that week!

Her Junofest performance at The Drake Underground is one of my favourite concert memories and solidified me as a fan but I also saw her play only two nights earlier at the outdoor Metro Square Juno Block Party show, where her performance was sandwiched between Shad and City & Colour.

You wouldn’t know it from following my blog though, as this tape has never seen the light of day before today.

Junofest 2011 @ [Various Venues]

Around this time last year, I was mostly ambivalent about Canadian music. That’s not to say there weren’t Canadian bands I enjoyed, but it extended only so far. Most of my interest was focused on north-west bands, primarily Seattle and Portland-area bands on the great Barsuk Records. The much-blogged about NXNE showcase set last year introduced me to handfuls of great local Canadian talent, who has in turn by pursuing them, introduced me to even more. At last year’s Junos kick-off party, which I was lucky enough to win a guest list spot to (to see Kathleen Edwards perform a unique solo set), I was…