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Jenn Grant @ Winter Garden Theatre

Jenn Grant
Jenn Grant
(Mat Dunlap)

. : : November 24th, 2012 : : . 

Coming back to this blog after so many years has been really interesting.

As I sort through an archive of unreleased recordings, I’ve re-discovered shows that I’ve entirely forgotten I’d been to. Among them was Jenn Grant‘s show at the Winter Garden Theatre to promote The Beautiful Wild in 2012. In trying to recall details about the show (ie. where I sat specifically), I tried to pull up a digital receipt for my ticket purchase.

While I couldn’t find it, I did find a conversation I had where I lamented that tickets for the show had gone on sale on Groupon for a fraction of what I’d paid for them — and the discounted tickets were only a handful of rows behind my seat. But I wasn’t mad because I’d unnecessarily spent extra money; rather, I was planning to bail on the show altogether and sell my ticket and chances of finding a last minute buyer now where nil.

Julie Fader @ Dakota Tavern

. : : August 3rd, 2010 : : . I went into Julie Fader‘s set opening for Kathleen Edwards at the Dakota Tavern as a blank slate — I’d never heard of her, let alone heard her, and was hoping to be wowed. I’m glad I went into it with no expectations, because I probably would have been very let down. Julie’s songs are all very down-tempo and decidedly undynamic. I don’t mean that to sound insulting: bands such as Azure Ray have pulled it off to great effect. Julie has all the right ingredients — a beautiful voice, serious guitar skills, and a clear knack for crafting songs. However, the…