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Tag: Daniel Romano

Whitehorse @ Massey Hall

. : : March 2nd, 2013 : : .

I’ve held back on posting this recording for a while now for a couple of reasons.

First, it occurred only a week and a half before the birth of my son — so I was otherwise preoccupied much of the time. Secondly, the online hype you’ve read about the sound quality at Massey Hall is grossly overstated: its legendary status is more for the names and performances that have graced the stage rather than the quality of sound being pumped from the speakers. Third, the members of Whitehorse were making such a big deal of the performance, going so far as to name the entire tour and a EP of cover songs “The Road To Massey Hall” that I wasn’t convinced an official recording of the set wouldn’t be eventually released. And I wasn’t completely wrong, either; the band did sell a recording of Emerald Isle from this show to benefit the victims of the infamous Boston Marathon bombing victims.

Daniel Romano, Oh Susanna, & Kayla Howran @ Horseshoe Tavern

. : : March 20th, 2013 : : . After a great, cohesive set by NQ Arbuckle (if you discount the technical snafus), and countless successful cooperative showcases in the past, I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit some disappointment in the set performed by Daniel Romano, Oh Susanna and Kayla Howran directly following. Credit where credit’s due: Daniel Romano and his backing band (who supported the entire set) seemed professional and prepared, and undoubtedly held the set together. Perhaps the comfort of familiarity of performing with familiar musicians afforded him that luxury? Neither Oh Susanna or Kayla Howran seemed quite as prepared. My clearest memory of the performance…