Kathleen Edwards @ The Back Room

Kathleen Edwards
Kathleen Edwards @ the Back Room

. : : September 10th, 2021 : : .

Three weeks ago, I posted a high quality, professional recording rip of a condensed Kathleen Edwards set from her autumn 2021 tour.

But by the time I put that one online, I was already holding onto a fantastic audience recording of a full set performed at The Back Room in Milwaukee, recorded by a fellow fanatic and blog-reader who graciously donated his tape to Hater-High!

I wanted to give the tape some breathing space before posting it — both to encourage fans to actually get out and see the shows on this tour, and also to have time to give it a quick EQ once-over to bring up the vocals and guitars a bit in the mix.

But Kathleen’s back at home, and fans across the world (including Canada *cough*) still haven’t had a chance to see her triumphant return to music. This might not quite be the next best thing, but it’s definitely next-best-thing-adjacent.

Perhaps inspired by the recent reissue of Failer on vinyl, there’s a lot of choice vintage Kathleen Edwards tracks being performed on this tour (In State! Copied Keys! Back to Me!), and some blistering live versions of new tracks (a 7-minute version of Hard on Everyone, for example) that really showcases lead guitarist Colin Cripps‘ chops.

The Back Room was described by the taper as small, with good acoustics and not cranked up too loud — my favourite recipe for a great sounding venue and one used at the Drake Underground and the Dakota Tavern, two of the best venues in Toronto.

Although the taper wished to remain anonymous, I hope he knows his efforts are greatly appreciated. I for one, extend tremendous thanks to him for going to exceptional efforts to get to this show in trying times and record it to share with fans across the world. Maybe you can pop into the comments and give him some love, too, would you?

  1. Options Open
  2. In State
  3. [banter]
  4. Simple Math
  5. Change the Sheets
  6. [banter]
  7. Six O’Clock News
  8. Goodnight California
  9. Birds on a Feeder
  10. [banter]
  11. Who Rescued Who
  12. [banter]
  13. The Logical Song [Supertramp]
  14. Hard on Everyone
  15. Hockey Skates
  16. [banter]
  17. Glenfern
  18. Copied Keys
  19. [encore]
  20. [banter]
  21. Asking for Flowers
  22. Back to Me

[info.txt // FLAC Fingerprint]

Back To Me (Live in Milwaukee) [MP3 sample]

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    1. Hi Chris! I tried to cover that as best as I could in my FAQ. If you have any specific questions not answered there, let me know and I’ll try and and get some answers for you.

  1. Thank you mysterious taper person! Kathleen was in Chicago on a Wednesday, and I just couldn’t make it. This is the next best thing! Cheers to you for sharing!

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