Kathleen Edwards @ Cabaret Music Hall

Kathleen Edwards
Kathleen Edwards @ Cabaret Music Hall

. : : April 3rd, 2003 : : .

It’s not every day you come across a new Kathleen Edwards live recording, let alone one that’s old enough to drink, vote, and be conscripted!

Yet, here’s a solid sounding recording of Kathleen at Cabaret Music Hall in Montreal — her first performance in the city, if you can believe it — way back in 2003. A fresh DAT transfer was released earlier this year by original taper stevemtl (and all credit goes to him).

The set list seems fairly standard for the time, but if even lightly scrutinized, there’s quite a bit too be impressed by. Remember: this is 2003 and Kathleen has only a single LP to her name. Yet here she is, generously performing well over a dozen songs and clocking in at almost 85-minutes.

Among the tracks you’d expect on a tour to promote Failer, you’ll find previews of songs that would end up on Back to Me (Copied Keys, Summerlong), perennial b-side Lazy Eye, some classic rock covers from AC/DC and Black Sabbath, and a song that I’d actually never even heard of before this recording, Shinny

A song only somewhat linked to her other, more well known hockey song (you know the one, right?), Shinny is the wistful, nostalgic ode to games of impromptu hockey played on frozen backyard ponds. 

If that wasn’t enough to sell you, I’ll remind you that the marvellous Colin Cripps joins Kathleen on lead guitar.

Furthermore, Kathleen is full of energy and charm, and her natural charisma makes the between-song banter just as interesting and fun to listen to as the music itself.

As a fan who didn’t discover her until just before the Asking For Flowers album dropped, it really is a treat to be able to go back and listen to these moments of musical history. Thanks to Steve for making and sharing this recording.

The sound quality is exceptional; although there’s no mistaking it for as anything other than an audience recording, the instruments are clear and at the forefront, and the audience noise is at a reasonable level and seems to be contained to between songs. Fans of the era (and I know that means most of this blog’s visitors!) will be thrilled to add this to their collection and cherish listening to it.

Give the tape a download, a listen, and throw a thank you to Steve in the comments if you like what you hear.

  1. [introduction]
  2. National Steel
  3. One More Song The Radio Won’t Like
  4. [banter]
  5. Summerlong
  6. [banter]
  7. Hockey Skates
  8. 12 Bellvue
  9. Maria
  10. [banter]
  11. Lazy Eye
  12. [banter]
  13. Shinny
  14. Copied Keys
  15. The Lone Wolf
  16. Westby
  17. [banter]
  18. Mercury
  19. [banter]
  20. Money Talks [AC/DC]
  21. Six O’Clock News
  22. [encore]
  23. [banter]
  24. Sweet Lil’ Duck
  25. [banter]
  26. Changes [Black Sabbath]

[info.txt // FLAC Fingerprint]

Sweet Lil’ Duck (Live in Montreal) [MP3 sample]

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  1. This is a must download! Failer is being rereleased on vinyl, so this is perfect timing. Thanks for posting, and Steve, thanks for recording and sharing!

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