Dave Hause @ Lee’s Palace

Dave Hause
Dave Hause @ Lee’s Palace

. : : July 17th, 2015 : : .

Sometimes I don’t know what I was thinking.

This Dave Hause recording has been sitting on my hard drive(s) for over five years, and even though the performers on either side of the night’s line up — Chris Farren and Rocky Votolato respectively — have been posted to the blog, this one has been sitting quietly, unshared.

It was already transferred, EQ’d, track-split, and (like the Paula Perri tapeI posted previously) abandoned at the point requiring a bit of time and research: figuring out the set list and putting together the info.txt file.

It’s criminal that so low a hurdle needed to be crossed for this recording to see the light of day. The quality of the tape is fantastic. The performance is great. I’d even posted an earlier set of his, so it’s not like he was a complete unknown around these parts!

Alas, the blog’s original incarnation was in its death throes. My son, then barely two years old, commanded much of my “free time” (remember that?!) that could normally be devoted to the site. Although I was familiar with Dave Hause, I was less familiar with his oeuvre — and his catalogue runs DEEP.

Aside from solo records, he’s also performed with Philadelphia-area punk bands such as The Curse, Paint It Black, and The Loved Ones. I guess I feared that, like Chris Farren did, Dave might have showcased some of his non-solo stuff, making my research that much harder. Luckily, my worry was all for naught, as I had the info.txt file put together in less than five minutes.


My digression is potentially your advantage: With constant touring over the years, I know there’s some new fans among Dave’s nearly 40-thousand Facebook followers and 64-thousand monthly Spotify listeners who would love the opportunity to travel back in time and listen to a tape from nearly six years ago — especially one that sounds as good as this one.

That’s not to imply that if you’re not an already established fan this will be of no interest to you. I definitely hear some similarities to early-Rocky Votolato (think Waxwing and the Suicide Medicine album), and listener of Canadian punk Eamon McGrath will know just what to expect.

Billed as a co-headlining set, this ten-song performance is nearly a solid hour of tunes (half of which is culled from his then-latest album, Devour) and is well worth your attention.

  1. Home Alone
  2. Damascus
  3. Melanin
  4. Autism Vaccine Blues
  5. [banter]
  6. Time Will Tell
  7. Same Disease
  8. [banter]
  9. Bury Me in Philly
  10. [banter]
  11. Father’s Son
  12. [banter]
  13. Resolutions
  14. [banter]
  15. We Could Be Kings

[info.txt // FLAC Fingerprint] … [ ZIP MP3 Link ]

Same Disease (Live in Toronto) [MP3 sample]

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