So Many Dynamos @ KEXP Studios

So Many Dynamos @ KEXP
So Many Dynamos @ KEXP

. : : October 22nd, 2006 : : .

I’m still trying to get through the backlog of unreleased or lost tapes I have, and it stretches pretty far back.

The good news is, it’s been a great way to rediscover fantastic music that may have fallen by the wayside in recent years.

Take for example, So Many Dynamos: my favourite dance-punk band who’s barely made a peep in the last seven years. They seem to still be active, but barely; their Facebook has a single post from May 2020, and nothing since or before until you scroll to July 2017.

Although it’s not my usual taste in musical genres, their 2006 album Flashlights (oh my god, it’s been 15-years!?) was an instant hit for me. I shared it with friends, shouted it from rooftops, and played it endlessly.

I even scoured KEXP Radio’s now sadly defunct lossless radio archive and captured this excellent performance the band put on in their studio shortly after the album’s release.

KEXP did a great job of capturing the band’s dynamic, bombastic performance, and in some ways, I even like the versions on this recording more than their studio counterparts.

I’m not sure if dance-punk is even really still a thing (or if it ever was?), but this is as poppy and catchy as it is raucous and chaotic. If that sounds like something you’ve got to hear — and it should! — check out the sample below! I know I’m going to give this old tape another spin.

  1. [intro]
  2. Search Party
  3. We Vibrate, We Do
  4. [interview]
  5. Home Is Where The Box Wine Is
  6. Progress
  7. [interview 2 / outro]


Progress (Live on KEXP) [MP3 sample]

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