Royal Wood @ CBC Studio 211

Royal Wood
Royal Wood @ Studio 211

. : : March 2014 : : .

Royal Wood was one of my early Canadian Music Week discoveries. His powerful piano pop performances of songs Do You Recall and On Top of Your Love immediately made me a fan, and I ended up seeing him live 4-times in about 14-months spanning 2010-2011.

Alas! Other musical acts became a distraction, and he had slipped off my radar a bit when his follow up album, We Were Born To Glory, came out.

I did capture a couple of performances Royal did for CBC’s First Play Live program that aired shortly after the album’s release, but the station’s running interview tracks over top the first verses of the songs annoyed me to no end, and I didn’t give them the attention they deserve.

He’s put out something like 5 EPs and LPs since, and has a forth-coming Live At Massey Hall album about to drop. That disc will probably be a better, more enjoyable, thorough, and interesting recording than this one, but fans and casual listeners may still appreciate the short amuse-bouche 5-song sampler this tape provides.

Please enjoy this tape from the long-lost archives: you’ll just have to try to ignore the increasingly annoying CBC production choices.

  1. [introduction]
  2. [introduction 2]
  3. [interview]
  4. White Flag
  5. [interview]
  6. I Always Will
  7. [interview]
  8. The Light of Dawn
  9. [dj banter]
  10. [interview]
  11. City Lights
  12. [outro]
  1. [introduction]
  2. The Glory*
  3. [outro]

* w/ Sarah Slean

info #1.txt // info #2.txt // flac fingerprint #1 // flac fingerprint #2]

White Flag (Live on CBC) [MP3 sample]

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