Whitehorse @ [undisclosed]

Whitehorse @ [undisclosed location]
To compliment the Whitehorse recording posted earlier this week, here’s a couple of songs from the archive, captured from the CBC Music Backstage Pass television program.

These tracks were recorded weeks before the release of their debut full length LP, The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss at an undisclosed location (likely in rural Ontario, possibly at the Keelor family farm — but that’s merely speculation).

The videos are available on YouTube should you prefer a visual but if not, Mismatched Eyes (Boat Song) is recorded outdoors, presumably on the lawn of the interior cabin where Achilles’ Desire was captured, while a caramel and ash-coloured cat takes interest in the microphone cables, inches toward the couple, and eventually lies down comfortably at Melissa’s feet.

These songs, especially the later, have been played hundreds of times in the near-decade since but they are presented here in one of the earliest, rawest versions available.

Enjoy on their own, or as a companion piece to the recently posted recording from Port Hope, where both the songs were performed.

  1. [introduction]
  2. Mismatched Eyes (Boat Song)
  3. Achilles’ Desire

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Mismatched Eyes (Boat Song) (Live) [MP3 sample]

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