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Month: February 2014

Revival Tour @ Lee’s Palace

. : : April 1st, 2013 : : .

Upon disbanding his band, Hot Water Music, Chuck Ragan decided to pursue a very different sort of solo career. Casting off the punk rock genre that had defined much of the previous thirteen years of music, he focused on dabbling in acoustic / folk music.

OK, maybe dabble isn’t the right word? What would you call it when someone creates a large travelling show of punk rock singers sharing the stage as they perform exclusively on acoustic instruments? As per Wikipedia, Ragan “conceptualized the idea of The Revival Tour, a collaborative acoustic event featuring several punk rock, bluegrass, and alt-country performers [to bring music] to people in an extremely honest and grassroots fashion.”

Knowing little about Ragan or the vast majority of his guests on the 2013 North America rendition of the tour, this is the kind of event that would normally fly by unseen on my radar. That is, except Ragan brought out a little old singer/songwriter by the name of Rocky Votolato on these dates.

Maria Taylor @ Drake Underground

. : : February 9th, 2014 : : . I’ve seen every Maria Taylor show performed in Toronto for the last seven years. So, although I haven’t taped a proper live show for almost a year due to gear malfunctions (the mic people blame the recorder, the recorder people blame the mics, and both will charge me an arm and a leg to verify their claims), I was compelled to break the unfortunate streak and had back out to the beautiful Drake Hotel (who, by the way, are celebrating ten years of awesome-iversary!) with minimal equipment. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I’ve only…

Hannah Georgas @ Mod Club

. : : February 1st, 2013 : : . I was an enormous fan of Hannah Georgas‘ This Is Good album. Loved it to death. Her pre-Junos performance at the Drake Underground in 2011 is still one of my absolute, all-time favourite concerts. A great, powerful voice married to crazy, infectious guitar hooks? I was smitten. Her follow up album, eponymously titled, exchanges those infectious guitar hooks for dance hall looped synths and digital drums. The warmth, youthful energy and dynamic excitement of her previous worked seemed to be exchanged with digital beeps and bloops that are all the rage in pop music these days, but tend…

Luke Doucet and the White Falcon @ Great Hall

. : : November 2nd, 2012 : : . Being a fan of Luke Doucet‘s latest musical venture, Whitehorse, I was elated to go back and fix a major mistake of my youth: not getting into him early enough to catch him performing with his band, Luke Doucet and The White Falcon. So, when the band staged a rare reunion for the 2012 Sleepwalker Festival, I knew I had a rare chance to right a shameful wrong. And, up until about 4pm that evening, everything was looking great. Then, on my way home from work, my phone was stolen. Not sure if it was lifted…

Whitehorse @ CBC Studios

. : : January 11th, 2013 : : . If you’re anything like me, you just can’t get enough of the Luke Doucet / Melissa McClelland duo Whitehorse. In the next little while, I hope to have an original audience recording of Luke Doucet and White Falcon — a rare reunion with his prior band from 2012 — available for your listening pleasure. Until then, though, I got my hands on a edited re-airing of the band’s set on Q with Jian Ghomeshi last year. Unfortunately, it’s missing the band’s performance of Wisconsin, but there is still exceptional takes on Devil’s Got A Gun and No Glamour in the Hammer from their most recent album, The Fate…