Blue Rodeo @ Keelor Family Farmhouse

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Blue Rodeo invited CBC Music up to Greg Keelor‘s farm, where their most recent album In Our Nature was recorded. Originally intended to be a rehearsal space to work out demos, the band quickly realized there was magic and began putting the songs to tape. Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and co. wanted to recreate that magic, and recorded a collection of many of these new songs live for CBC, performing each in a different room or area of the property, and in differing configurations.

The band has officially invited frequent collaborator Colin Cripps into the fold as lead guitarist and backing vocals, as Greg’s increasing hearing loss has forced him to move to rhythmic acoustic guitar, and Colin’s presence can positively be felt through this recording. The sessions are interesting for fans of the band — and more so for fans of the album — but the editing done by CBC Music Television for the broadcast on CBC’s Backstage Ticket is abysmal.

As songs wind down, there are pops and bits of static and microphone noises as the show cross-fades the audio to the next segment. It’s a minor flaw — again, only in the last couple of seconds of each segment — but an infuriating one never the less coming from a company full of professional audio engineers for nationwide broadcast.

I’m keeping my eyes open for an upgrade in the future (maybe an airing on CBC Live?); the performances and various configurations make for a compelling listen, but the audio glitches keep this tape from being a must-have.

01. [introduction]
02. [dj banter]
03. [interview]
04. New Morning Sun
05. [interview]
06. Mattawa
07. [dj banter]
08. [interview]
09. The Truth Comes Out
10. [dj banter]
11. [interview]
12. You Should Know
13. [outero]

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New Morning Sun (Live at Keelor Farm) [MP3 sample]

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