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Over the last few months, I’ve amassed quite a few recordings. Most of them are already up here, and perhaps you’ve listened to a few? But sometime last fall, when great concerts were coming fast and furious, and I was seeing almost a dozen bands a week, I sort of fell behind a bit. I’ve never been able to quite catch up, but I think, some ten odd months later, it’s time to start clearing out the back log.

So, for the next few updates, I’m going to try a new format. One where I talk a lot less, and just get straight to the recordings with little or no context. Hopefully the quality of the tapes and the performances are allowed to speak for themselves, and I especially hope that these performances aren’t perceived as not good enough to post the first time around.

There are many reasons why these didn’t make it up the first time around, and VERY rarely are they because I didn’t enjoy the performances. Usually, it was more of a case of unfamiliarity. Usually, I intended to do further research on a band and provide proper background information and/or an accurate set list, and just didn’t get around to it. There’s some good stuff here, I swear!

We’re going to start this new experiment off with Lou Canon, a female performer from Toronto whom I’d missed opening for Paper Lions at their Supermarket Residency gigs the previous month, but caught opening at Rebekah Higgs‘ residency at the Drake Hotel. She sounded good live, if not a bit precious. I gave her recently released self-titled album a couple of spins shortly after the show and was struck by just how full of highlights it is, and the tunes would have been better experienced live with further foreknowledge of their recorded counterparts.

Fleshed out production-wise in the studio, songs such as Sandhills scream of McCartney-esque pop perfection, but live, many of the more complex arrangements on the album felt a bit too sparse live to reach similar heights. I’d definitely be willing to give her another go, though, and would love to see her again — preferably backed by a four or five piece band to really create the lush atmosphere found on the album.

The recording sounds good and clear, with only a couple of notable flaws early in the set. There’s a volume adjustment during the first track, and a gentleman asks to take the seat I’d just left to stand for a good recording position shortly thereafter. Smooth sailing from then on out!

01. [unknown]
02. [banter]
03. The Dancing
04. My Girls
05. Too Many Birds [Bill Callahan]
06. [banter]
07. More Than You
08. Here As A Ghost
09. Heart Of
10. Close To Me
11. [banter]
12. Sandhills

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Close To Me (Live In Toronto) [MP3 sample]

Thanks to Lou Canon and band, Rebekah Higgs and the Drake Hotel.

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