Sloan, Rural Alberta Advantage, Ohbijou and Bonjay @ The Great Hall

. : : December 21st, 2011 : : .

Between moving, Christmas, and an up-coming destination wedding (of which I am in the wedding party), I really don’t have the time to sit down, transfer, EQ, encode, upload, and blog about the concerts I’ve been going to, and have accumulated a significant backlog. But there are some shows that demand immediate attention, so I’ve sort of made time to sit down and do MOST of the things required to update this page.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time right now to do a blog entry that would do a four-act benefit concert justice, so I’m going to have to defer to Frank over at for the written words and photographs, and stick to what I’m good at: recording this shit.

Hopefully, I’ll come back at a later date and do a proper write up, but for now, I’ll let the recording speak for itself. I will forewarn that there were some issues with my recording — it seems my mic jack is a little loose, and we lose a bit of audio in one of the channels every time it gets bumped. Luckily, it doesn’t happen TOO often. Furthermore, the sound in the Great Hall was pumped ridiculously loud; so much so that Sloan‘s vocals frequently clip, even though MY waveform is more than a bit conservative.

That being said, Mechanical Forest Sound was there and ended up with what will probably prove to be a much better sounding tape. If you can’t wait, though, I present to you my tapes of the evening’s festivities. Only a couple of the acts are up right now, but I expect to add the others over the next couple of days.


01. New Years
02. Niagara
03. Black Ice
04. [banter]
05. Balikbayan
06. Anser
07. [banter]
08. Obsidian
09. [banter]
10. Turquoise Lake

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Turquoise Lake (Live In Toronto) [MP3 sample]

Rural Alberta Advantage

01. [introduction]
02. Muscle Relaxants
03. Don’t Haunt This Place
04. [banter]
05. Under The Knife
06. Tornado ’87
07. Edmonton
08. [banter]
09. Frank, AB
10. Drain The Blood
11. The Dethbridge in Lethbridge
12. Little Drummer Boy [trad’l]
13. In The Summertime
14. [banter]
15. Stamp

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The Dethbridge in Lethbridge (Live In Toronto) [MP3 sample]


01. [introduction]
02. The Good In Everyone
03. Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay
04. Autobiography
05. Junior Panthers
06. G Turns To D
07. [banter]
08. A Side Wins
09. [banter]
10. Everything You’ve Done Wrong
11. Anyone Who’s Anyone
12. The Lines You Amend
13. Take The Bench
14. Can’t Face Up
15. [banter]
16. 400 Metres
17. [encore]
18. [banter]
19. Snowsuit Sound
20. 500 Up
21. [banter]
22. Nervous Breakdown [Black Flag] *
23. [banter]
24. She Says What She Means ^

* with Damian Abraham of Fucked Up
^ with Leslie Feist

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Everything You’ve Done Wrong (Live In Toronto) [MP3 sample]

Thanks to Sloan, Rural Alberta Advantage, Ohbijou, Bonjay, Fucked Up, Feist, Joe at Mechanical Forest Sound, Frank Yang at Chromewaves, and The Great Hall.

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