Rootstock 2010 @ Jackson-Triggs

Didn’t make it to this show, but luckily, CBC Radio did!

Rootstock is an annual festival put on by the Jackson-Triggs winery in Niagara-On-The-Lake. Only two years into its legacy, and it’s already played host to Jim CuddyKathleen EdwardsTom Cochrane, and (as featured here), Steven PageHawksley WorkmanJoel Plaskett and Sarah Sleen.

The sound quality, as always for CBC, is astounding. The performances are a bit more of a mixed bag, but more than justify a download from fans of the performers. Hawksley Workman’s Autumn’s Here is especially loose and hilarious, featuring an impromptu harmonica solo by (what I can only assume is) an audience member.

Give this recording a shot, and for more selections from the concert, make sure you check out’s Canada Live website for streaming mp3s.

  1. [introduction]
  2. Running Out Of Ink [Barenaked Ladies]*
  3. [banter]
  4. Autumn’s Here %
  5. [banter]
  6. Looking For Someone &
  7. Rewind, Rewind, Rewind #
  8. [banter]
  9. Call And Answer [Barenaked Ladies] [tease]*
  10. All The Young Monogamists *
  11. [banter]
  12. Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off %
  13. [banter]
  14. The Rose &
  15. [banter]
  16. Light of the Moon #
  17. [banter]
  18. Break Your Heart [Barenaked Ladies]*
  19. [banter]
  20. Nowhere With You #
  21. [outero]

* Steven Page
% Hawksley Workman
& Sarah Sleen
# Joel Plaskett

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Nowehere With You (Live In Niagara) [MP3 sample]

Thanks to Steven Page, Hawksley Workman, Sarah Sleen, Joel Plaskett, Andrew Craig and CBC.

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