Luke Doucet @ West End Cultural Centre

. : : November 6th, 2010 : : .

Luke Doucet is a wonderful guitar player. I’ve seen it first hand on a couple of occasions. But for whatever reason, I keep missing him when he comes to Toronto and not tracking down his recorded repertoire. When @ricker asked me to record his CBC2 set, I jumped at the chance because I knew it would serve as a wonderful reminder just how warm his voice is, and how brilliant his chops. Let this excellent dFM-sourced recording be either an introduction to a great Canadian artist, or a reminder of just how special he is.

  1. [introduction]
  2. It’s Not The Liquor I Miss
  3. Take You Home
  4. Monkey
  5. [banter]
  6. Emily Please
  7. Some Of You Folks
  8. [dj banter]

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Emily Please (Live In Winnipeg) [MP3 sample]

Thanks to Luke Doucet, CBC and host Andrew Craig.

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