Arietta – Northearned [video]

Northearned (Alt. Version) from Arietta on Vimeo.

How wonderful is this new Arietta video? I normally won’t post links unrelated to my own live recordings, but this is too good not to share.

This is an extraordinarily ambitious live/off-the-floor performance AND video, all done in one simultaneous take. You can actually hear lead singer Tyler Johnston‘s voice fade in and out as he crosses the borders of the frame, and the band bravely avoids overdubs, allowing the occasional flub or missed note stand as-is. But, rather than detract from the experience, the spontaneity and looseness (if that isn’t too harsh an adjective) of the performance is part of the video’s great charm.

There’s very little to scrutinize with the cinematography; the constant camera movement is fluid, the depth of colour is mesmerizing, and the mise-en-scène is extraordinary (notice the shots are poured into glasses on a platter / coaster that’s actually a re-purposed 12″ vinyl! How cool?!). The only nit-pick is there’s one or two parts where the lights seem to wash out the performers faces or skin-tone, but such troubles with lighting are to be expected in such a mobile and continuous roll of footage.

Arietta manages to challenge the tired, old music video medium with a unique and stylish twist that make it as visually interesting as it is audibly entertaining. It’s for these reasons the Northearned video is not to be missed. Enjoy!

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